I put 2 songs in my music website: "Heart Melt" is on top, and "Better Help Him Out 2" is the next one down. Please tell me how you like these songs and how they can be improved. If you review me, I will review you, I promise! Here is the link:


Edit: I found out my song "Space Rocket to Mars!" is going to get played on an internet radio show on March 29th on Skycast Radio at this link:


The radio show starts at 7 pm Pacific Standard Time (USA); I'm not sure when I will be on.
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Good to hear some natural instrumentation in "Better help him out 2".

I felt that there was a little too much drama in the vocals for "Heart Melt" perhaps a few more listens will allow me to understand the intention a little more.

I too completed a new piece yesterday... Please see "Simplicity"

Im hearing so many different elements from a diverse group of bands in Heart Melt. I like that it goes from say an I Mother Earth in space sound in the first half to a more synth pop Cure sound in the second half. It is quite short though. Production quality is high, as Ive come to expect from you. If There is one thing about you, you're consistant.

Better Help Him Out 2 has a more brit punk sound that reminds me of skateboarding videos from Flip. I dig it.I could see this in my playlist easy. I think maybe a more natural drum sound would be an improvement. With reverb.

Always love hearing your stuff. Even if I cant help you critically.

I got something for you to check out though.


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In Heartmelt I really like the opening drums/percussion. They help and make the song somewhat suspenseful up until ~1:12. While the sound of the vocals aren't my favorite I do like the somewhat creepy vibe you had going on until 1:12. Maybe ease back on the effects on the vocals?

Better help him out 2 had a nice surfy feel to it. The guitar tone in my opinion was a great choice and the rhythm throughout the song was great as well. Again here I would like to hear the vocals without all of the effects on it or just turn down the effects a little bit.

Overall good work and nice job always coming up with new stuff.

C4C: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1671076
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Heartmelt - Interesting opening with the percussion, diggin' the groove. The progression it took into the synths was pretty surprising but works well. Vocals work well with the vibe of the song, however personally it's not my cup of tea, that vocal style.

The progression after that into the chorus is pretty uplifting, with some subtle nuances in the background working wonders.

Better help him out 2 - Love that bass tone, nice simple progression, the guitar tone as well is excellent. Nice energy about this track, and along with basically everything of your stuff, it's produced pretty darn well.

It's cool how you keep experimenting with different style's, it's a breath of fresh air. Keep 'em coming man!
Hey aaron,

I gotta say I really love the melody, the instruments on Heart Melt. I, for one, don't think that your voice fits in with the whole song, but that's just my opinion. First of all, because it's really too loud, try and lower the volume to it. And second, because I don't like the style you are singing in. That doesn't mean it's bad, it just means I don't like it.

Regarding Better Help Him Out 2. Pretty cool bass intro, and the guitar tone is so awesome.

Cheers mate!
Better Help Him Out 2, as I listen:

First 30 seconds are kinda surf-rocky. I think the vocals are a little too "big," there's not really a lot of contribution from the instruments for the verse, it kinda feels like all the reverb or layering (not sure which) from the vocals takes up all the room. The verse vocal melodies are kinda catchy, and I like the change in flow with the extra vocal track and crashes for the chorusy-section.

The solo's pretty surf rock again, I like it. However, I feel like you could have more going on during the section after the solo.
Thanks for the feedback on my song!

Heart Melt - I think the vocals are a bit too loud, but I really like the creepy instrumentation in the song, i t think it gets really weird at 1:11 tho.

Better Help Him Out 2 - I like this song a lot better. The guitar tone at the beginning is really nice, I think the vocals are too loud again, and maybe too much fx or overdubbing on them, I'm not sure. I really dig the echo guitar section around 1:24!
Heartlmelt - really dig the alternative rhythm and vibe of the song, but the vocals sound too loud and a little disconnected from the overall mix. Intro and feel were great though.

Better Help Him Out 2 - Really awesome feel and dig the intro. The vocals still feel a little too loud though. I like the surf rock feel though, my favourite of the 2.
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Heartlmelt- Man the melody is just awesome here! sounds so cool and scary type!!

Better Help Him Out 2- The guitar tone in this! So good! I FEEL GOOD listening to it ! the intro reminds me of AC/Dc! haha :P
Thanks for the comments on the track "One More Today".

So I listened to both songs and I like the two of them. I liked the second track's recording quality more, though I would have liked the vocals a bit less effected, but man those guitars sound awesome. Really damn organic. I think if the drums got a bit more aggressive and dynamic at parts it would make the track perfect.

The first track I liked a bit less overall, though I still liked it. The intro on that track is fantastic. Like seriously awesome. My ear was just hoping that tension to explode into something heavy almost like the sound of letting go, but instead it got more controlled, which was good, but I would have loved to hear it just explode.

I enjoyed both of them.
I'm new on this forum, it's been few days and already interesting to hear some new homemade music. I do not consider myself a music critic but since you commented on my song and gave me a link to yours I have listen to them and now want to share my impressions.
First song ¨Heart melt¨ sounds like Bono in first verse I like your singing, very trippy. Nice keys and synths, nice atmosphere. I've felt the song ended too soon, like it started to go somewhere at the outro and suddenly stopped. Also, the mix could have been better but if the purpose of the recording is presenting the idea then it's ok.
Second song, little more straight forward rock and roll, it's nice. I like it but same opinion about the mix.
If you ask me, if you want to improve your songs, you need to improve the mixes. I don't know if mixing interests you but there's my advice.
Heart Melt isn't the sort of thing I'd listen to really so it's hard to compare. It sounds pretty cool though and I can hear from old 70's 80's pop influences?

Better Help Him Out 2, more my style! I like it quite a lot. Reminds me of The Brian Jonestown Massacre. Digging it!

Thanks again for reviewing my track!
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Thank you for listening and commenting! I appreciate it! Yes, I am influenced to a certain degree by the 70's, and usually more by the 80's.
Hi mate, I really like the tribal drum intro to the song it sets it up nicely your vocals in heart melt reminds me of serge's vocals from kasabian witch is not a bad thing! Really nice up beat keys too I like this song, sometimes I think your vocal does strain too much but that's only a minor thing. other than that I think this is a nice upbeat tune!
Hey Aaron,

Tight tunes with good audio quality.

Heart Melt: sounds good, maybe a little dry sounding for my taste. Maybe add some more verb to the vox and a little more to the entire mix to get it to gel a little more?

Good work, thanks for checking out my tunes.


I listened to better help him out.

I thought that the production qualities were good and and the instruments had a good sound and tone.

After one listen I am not completely sold on the vocal melodie, especially on the chorus but maybe it will grow on me.

I think it could also sound good a bit faster.
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well my opinion differs from others about the vocals, to me they are really out of the box and pretty cool. (i dont know, maybe because i havent heard much of this kind of music). Beat is nice and catchy, reminds me of circus somehow or something like that. Mix is very well made for my ears, could hear all the instruments and parts. I like. Talked about the first track of the playlist.
hey man! I checked out heart melt. kinda trippy man! I like this kinda stuff..makes me wana smoke a fat bowl lol. anyway..i love how it changed up at the 115 or so mark...the lyrics where kind of hard to follow..although I liked the crocodile lyrics...this is a cool song to listen to..but I don't think it would go over well live.a bit too trippy/spacey..might go over peoples heads. not bad though man. maybe a more concrete melody would help it out too. crit mine? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672514
Heart Melt

Interesting fusion. It sounds part chiptune, part 80s pop tune and sort of psychedelic and gothic. It does feel like its lacking high-end though. Very mid-range oriented.

Better Help Him Out

Has that retro surf vibe as others pointed out. Could use a better mix though and I would double track the guitar. There are a lot of frequencies stepping on each other too. Also, I dig the lead guitar!
Hey man, listening to Better Help Him Out Part 2. Main issue is the vocals - they are very muddy. You would do well by cutting out some frequencies around the 350-500hz range, perhaps doing some more aggressive compression, and boosting some high end frequencies. Also, the drum processing could be better, as I can barely hear the kick drum. Try first just leveling the kick a bit better, then carving out some frequencies for it from the bass, and applying a compressor with a slow attack and fast release. Also, the ending doesn't end on time. However, the guitar tone is pretty nice and the bass as well. The opening riff has some potential in it if you take it somewhere different with perhaps some different harmonies.

Listening to Heart Melt. This one is a lot better in my opinion. Singing could be better but it is clearer and better produced. Interesting opening with the drums, but the sound design needs some work in regards to the synth. This one had a lot more variety but it lacked a certain sense of cohesion. I would try to perhaps add some more melody to it.

Anyway, hope some of these critiques will be helpful. Good work!
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Thanks for the crit, listened to heart melt, very Latin sounding drums, overall a weird song but I really like it, the vocals are a bit like muse, I loved the synths or guitar what ever it was. Really good track man, I wasnt a fan of the effect or filter you used on the vocals. But really cool and definitely unique
Hey aaron, cheers for the crit as per! Listening to Heart Melt:

Nice perc flavour to begin with which molds well with your new-wavey style! Your vocals in this track are really fitting man, got loadsa expression to them which you really pull off well in this track. Track really flows well, nice work as always man.
Thanks for the critique on my song

I listened to both songs. Musically, I can't really find much to say. I've listened to your stuff before and all of it has this really funky vibe to it that I like, although I don't normally listen to this type of music.

From a production stand point, the mixes sound a little flat. It sounds kind of mono to me, and perhaps could use some stereo widening. The drums and percussive instruments could also use some beefing up, as well as some reverb to help them drive the songs a bit more. Also the vocals sound kind of distant from the rest of the mix. This is just me coming from a completely different genre of music, so if that is what you're going for as a song than nevermind what I'm saying

As always good job, keep on writing!
Hey man thanks for checking out my song.
Heart Melt: Love the atmosphere in this one, the vocals sound great in this too. Perhaps the vox are a little too loud, but they fit well with the vibe so that's hard to tell. For some reason the vocals remind me of pink floyd mixed with zeppelin. Overall, super sick song man!
Better help him out 2: Bass tone in this is killer. Loving the fuzzy guitar tone too. This has a very tough in your face vibe about it. Just sounds badass in general. I think out of the two songs I prefer this one. The production is great on this one, and your vocals fit perfect. Loved this track man .
ALSO, to answer your question about how my band's doing from my thread, of course there's the usual drama, and all of that, but we are still gigging quite a bit. Doing mostly covers now (Not a huge fan of that myself, but whatever), but im also doing a bunch of different projects and fill in work now too, so it all works out.
hi, I listened Heart Melt. I really like vocal melody and instruments is very intresting
heartmelt is super weird. i liked the creepy vibe that the first half had, I don't mind the oddness of the vocals. I have to question your choice to totally switch moods halfway through though. I guess if you're going for an extremely eclectic sound like Mr. Bungle or something, it works.

Better help him out is pretty generic, I didn't like this one. The production is obviously good but the music didn't interest me at all.
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Heartmelt is quite interesting! The bass kinda reminds me of a dark 80's pop vibe, while the vocals remind me of a twisted Matt Bellamy. Very theatrical song, vocals and instrumentals included. Personally I feel that the percussion side of things could've been a bit heavier.

Very interesting stuff Keep up the good work, dude!
feel like i post the same things for every song of yours i critique

great vox, really strong and oozing attitude, but always something missing in the mix. i dunno - it's like the vox are heavily processed but the guitar sounds like it's pretty much through an amp? sometimes with reverb? i dunno. maybe try different amp settings or post-processing or something?

keys in the first were fantastic but guitar was lacking a bit in comparison.

second was cool - rock n roll, man. rock n roll.
by the way, i stole this riff.
Hey Aaron ! thx for the crit on my song.

Heartmelt: Your music is always very unique and unpredictable. Wasn't expecting vocals. This tune kind of reminds of Nine Inch Nails during the verses with the industrial vibe. Not big on that part where the drums kick in and switches to an almost video game music sound with the synths. The last half is just a bit cheesy IMO. But overall it's a cool and adventurous track.
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Hi Aaron

I liked the instrumentation in heartmelt, particularly your synths which I though we're inventive. As ever, the vocals style and effects used on them were interesting and have a different dimension to the track. The vocal melodies themselves had a radio head-ish feel to me.

I think the bass parts could have been slightly louder/upfront during the instrumental sections.

Good track,

C4C - https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1672636

Cheers, M