such a beautiful thing
this life thing?
bathe in the life spring
200m sea king
haha, its just my thing
this life on a string

you see me coming up again
i know what you're thinkin'
a painted picture on your mind
window sills lined
blue, n gray
I've lost track of time
undefined by you
its not me, its what you choose
so don't look at me...I'm just being me
whats wrong with that?
you're just being you, right?
you're scared, the fight and sight blinded but not by the light,
by yourself.
the truth I write, its insightful light and ignite,
I invite you to take flight and recite these words tonight

so indictive, so permissive, you're so addicted but its permitted.
accepted lifestyle, society worth while?
you loose hope after a while?
the heart of an unspoken child's smile?
you'll get there, I will too, just be a while but it will be worthwhile.

we are only human, right?
the unforgiven give in again.
your new mission is to listen to this vision thats written...
...but still you're in remission.....so this is my transmission with a firm decision.
yeah...its deep bro.. ha
so ****ing deep......you may skim over.........and not even get it
but thats okay........just take hold of my hand....we will get there together.
Every step of the way. =)