We posted a video a few months back on a couple sites looking for a female singer. We had a great one for a few weeks but she had to back out to focus on real people stuff like higher education. More power to her. She's alright in my books.

I figured it would be cool to get an idea of the UG communities thoughts on the samplings we put up.

We performed as we typically write; with an acoustic (Jeremy) and electric (I'm Stan). Keep in mind that's usually never how we record but it gives a good look into our writing style.

Again, just short samples of some of our songs with the last one a full performance.

I'm just wondering how many people dig it.

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Thank you for the reviews! Now your tunes: First tune: sounds nice, reminds me of Led Zep (a compliment). Second tune: also sounds good overall (could use drums, like EZDrummer if you don't have a real drummer). Third tune: reminds me of the Ramones (a compliment). Fourth tune: sounds fine, though could use some vocals. Fifth: reminds me of the Beatles (a compliment), I think I heard a sour note once though. "Come Alive": good melodies, needs a singer & a drummer. "Winter Snow": most of the singing is pretty good, a bit off on the high note. Good guitar riffs. Having vocals helps a lot. Keep at it, I think you're getting better on guitar from what I remember. In my experience, most female singers are good looking, so that wouldn't hurt