hey, i was just wondering if there was a way that i could use my RC30 as an audio interface and connect it to my mac running abbleton and pro tools? also is there a way to do stereo XY miking on the RC30 as it only has one xlr port but stereo 1/4 in and out. Thanks guys, first post in recording!

(if not, anyone know any audio interfaces sold in Aus with two XLR ports that are around or under 100)
You can record a part, save it on the internal memory and export it to a daw to work with it.

The guitar inputs will work but don't expect them to sound any good, and without any input gain control for the instrument in's they might well not work with your mics.

No way of using it as a real time audio interface though.

Read the interfaces sticky.
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You could get stereo but you'd have to plug either both mics in 1/4 inch or one xlr, and other 1/4.

Don't get an audio interface for so cheap. I have edirol UA25EX and it's great. You can look for used in your area. I'd say you'll want to spend ~200$ if you want to go cheap.

Until then, you could do your stereo mic, and export to interface after, but that will be a pain.