Maybe Dark Blues?

Sorry bout backing suckin a lil. TV was on, mean ol lady.... long story.

Nobody Loves Me

No body loves me
I don't give a damn
Nobody sees me
Or even knows who i am

I think that Death himself
Has a larger circle of friends
But that's really alright by me
Want no cryin when it ends

Don't tell me bout mercy
Cause I ain't never seen it here
And don't try to save my wretched soul
Cause I'm too damn old to hear

I've spent this life of mine
Just doin as I damn well please
Ain't no God ever looked out for me
I ain't goin down on my knees

Don't spare your pitty here
I'm sure someones more deservin
The bus to salvation left years ago
Ain't the idea I was servin

And so I'll slip away
Yeah unnoticed into the night
And after all the shit i have done
That seems just about right

Nobody loves me
I don't give a damn
I Love you man!

This could easily be done to a slower 6/8 of a blues feel... If I had an instrument near me I'd construct some chords... I'm hearing a Minor downward stepiung chromatic feel with a major change at the "Don't tell me 'bout Mercy..." perhaps an E 2 3 4, A 2 3 Bbm, Bm 2 3 4, G#m 2 3 4 (Repeat)
Thanks, I was lucky the tv hid the 2 chords I was strummin lol. Em & Asus2, then tried to cover the noise with the lead.
I'd like to have it a little more bluesy, always.
Where's the link to the track... I haven't heard the audio.

... Found it... I didn't realised the title was a link.

Definitely hearing a stronger "1-&-a-2-&-a-3" pulse in this track with the "Don't tell me 'bout Mercy..." being a change progression - acting like a chorus or refrain. Solos could be a verse-long whaling... a bit like deep purple's "mistreated" (Malmsteen does a great cover with a lot of wank of course)


This is what I'd do, but it is your track and we all have our own brand.
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Thats cool as shit. If I could do that I doubt I'd be here lol

Never listened to Malmsteen, those vocals yeah, and the beat. But in his speed he looses me. I could never do it, outside me but really cool song
Thanks, I usually have my guitar ran into my comp but I was just messing with strummin and turned on my comp mic when that hit me.
Wasn't really planed. Appreciate your response.