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We can often hear (or at least me ) people saying label kills band, kills creativity and shit.
Could you think of counter-examples of bands that have been saved by labels ?
Most bands would have horse shit production if not for labels

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there might be a joke about Jari and Wintersun in here somewhere but i don't know enough to tell it
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Well big labels that are money vampires do tend to be crap companions for artistic creation. But there's tons of cool, small labels that deliberately pick out left-field type musicians and stuff anyway (like sub pop). Plus, there's a big market for pitchfork hipsters now isn't there.
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An advantage of labels is that they offer some perks like a recording and touring budget.

I'm not sure of any bands that have been saved by going onto a major label, but there have been plenty that thrived. Lamb of God has probably been better off because they went to a major label
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Isis is amazing
If sumeriancore bands were independent they would sound just as shitty, but they would not have money or expensive tourbuses.
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there might be a joke about Jari and Wintersun in here somewhere but i don't know enough to tell it

Whatever that joke was, it died back in 2008
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