Hi BG,

I tried the searchbar but didn't really find anything that I though applied to my situation.

I'm looking for a "guitarist-friendly" versatile 5-string bass for about $600. I'm planning on using it mainly for recording purposes, for post-rock, post-metal, Porcupine Tree/Steven Wilson-esque music, and to do cover songs, just to give the songs some low end essentially.

I'm looking for the most versatile 5-string I can get, from Long and McQuade or AxeMusic in Canada.

I've been looking a bit into the Ibanez SR-305 and 505(slightly over budget), Yamaha TRBX505, Squier VM J Bass V, and Fender Standard J Bass V. I'm leaning more towards the SR-3/505, even though the 505 is slightly over budget.

Any suggestions or thoughts guys? Thanks.
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The Yamaha TRBX505 is the one I would get.

Also consider the ESP/LTD B-5E:

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The Ibanez has a very narrow neck and tight string spacing, so it would be the easiest to transition to in my opinion, but it depends what you like. As always though, it's better to try it first anyway. My current most used 5 string (SBMM Ray5) has a nut width of 45mm (the same as the 305), but I tried the SR305 (and currently own an SR370) and it feels just a tad too narrow to me.