The guitar part you play is nice but I would really love to hear it with percussion and bass. Without them the track seems a little bit empty. You could also add vocals to it when you play it by yourself to help fill out the sound. Let me know when you post the full thing!

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And everything that once was
infinitely far
and unsayable is now
and right here in the room.

- Franz Wright
From what I can tell, its a decent tone you have on your guitar, but can't make a full opinion saying as it's being recorded off an iPod or a phone or something lol.

The phrasing of the guitar sounds good and progresses well. You are a good guitar player, and the piece is played cleanly. Like Nougat said, it's rather empty without the rest of the sound such as bass and what not. The full studio version will be pretty rocking, from what I can tell.

You should consider adding some vocals in certain parts.

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This sounds very catchy, like the intro and guitar part to a classic rock song. This is begging for a full band arrangement with a vocal and lyric.
But nice playing, good timing especially for a solo performance, good feel on the guitar, good tone on the instrument. Also good compositionally, the interplay between lead and rhythm parts.
I strongly suggest you work with a band and/or singer, or add other instruments and vocals yourself if you can do it, maybe make a demo with programmed drums.
I reckon that your complete guitar style would work best in a minimal line-up, with just you and bass and drums and vocal, to give you the room you need with your chord / lead interplay.
Just some thoughts,,,,
C4C here.