Is the backing a prerecorded track or is it one of your inventions?

I believe that playing outside the 12-15th fret box would add to the tonality. Even just on the 1st & 6th E strings... slide to the 17th & 19th (1st string) for a big note or even sliding into a pentatonic climb from open, 3rd, 5th 7th, 10th on the 6th string.

Even changing your box pattern with the chord changes (eg start on the 5th fret for the A change and 7th for the B change)

It's a cool groove... I feel that more range would help

Sorry if I come across as an unwanted teacher....
Thanks, been learning the other positions of the minor pent.. my fingers ain't realized it yet.

Do appreciate the insight though.

Oh, just a backtrack someone posted and I heard something there.
I enjoyed the laid-back sound the solo had. Found it to be relaxing.
And everything that once was
infinitely far
and unsayable is now
and right here in the room.

- Franz Wright