Poll: Have you snapped a string
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3 23%
6 46%
Seen it happen
4 31%
Voters: 13.
I heard they fly across the room when they snap. It's rare to snap one, but it is an ugly sight when it happens. Bass strings should last a long time compared to guitar strings.
No but it happened to a guy i used to know.Not suprising tho as he had the picking touch of an angry elephant.
Never seen or broke an upright bass string. Op you seem fascinated by string tensions. Why not learn the math behind it. http://liutaiomottola.com/formulae/tension.htm Upright bass strings are very pricey. I don't think anyone would want to waste a good set.
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Anyone who has done so has known the agony of having a US$50.00 string break. They do break, just as do electric bass strings break. That is the very nature of the upright bass!
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Fifty dollars is low. The last set I bought put me back almost 300 bucks. And they weren't the high end.

Its very hard to break an upright string, esp if they are not gut strings. Nick a corner of the body? Knock the bridge out of alinement going through a door? Much more likely, son.