I reckon your songs are fine.

But if you want some tips on how to make them better:

1. Cut the fat. Meaning that your songs are really too long for what's going on. Do you really need that 30 seconds before the vocals start? Do you need that break before the second verse? Can the guitar solo be halved? Etc. See how short you can get the songs.

2. Play around with structure. Does it need to go verse - chorus - verse - chorus etc? Can it instead go Verse - Guitar solo - Bridge - Chorus? Pretty much every song that's seen some level of success has something interesting going on with the structure. Analyse some of your favourite songs and figure out what it is.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Ingenious. I have to admit this works way better than "check out my band please".
Listen to more artists that you want to sound like, if you only listen to slow boring music you'll probably only write slow boring music. Chuck on some Fu Manchu or Bad Religion
Listen to other bands and figure out what they do in their songs. If you think your songs are too slow, write faster songs. So simple. And yeah, if you want it to feel more "progressive", use some other kind of structure. Verse-chorus-verse-chorus-solo is kind of a safe structure. It always works but it doesn't usually sound that interesting.

To me it sounds like your thing is this kind of straight forward hard rock so I don't know if your songs even need to be more progressive. But you could always add more different kind of sections and not always use the simplest structure. Use key changes. Use different instrumentation for different parts. Use dynamics.
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Just remember that there are no boring scales, just boring players.


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