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I hope this is the right forum for this..

So, lately I've been using my Fender guitar and my Les Paul-type guitar with my multieffects board, a Boss GT-10, but I've got a problem and I can't wrap my head around how to fix it..
I hope you guys can!
My problem is:
When I create patches on the multieffect, with my Fender Strat, everything sounds nice, smooth and nicely out in the mix, but when I use my Les Paul on the same patches it sounds a little dull, dark and not as 'out in the mix' as the Fender..
I feel that the Les Paul-type guitar is more creamy and dark in its sound, where the Fender Strat is more biting and filled with more treble..
This is a really frustrating problem, because I really want to use both guitars, but without having to create to different settings for borh guitars..
What's the solution? Can a certain pedal do it or what do I need?

By the way, I know that in my GT-10 there's the feature that in the 'system menu' you can create settings for up to 3 guitars. But in that case I'll have to know what to aim the settings for.. Can any of you or does any of you know about that feature and tell me what settings can be used..

A goodly part of what you're running into are the differences in tone & output between singlecoils and humbuckers.
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A goodly part of what you're running into are the differences in tone & output between singlecoils and humbuckers.

By that you mean, I'm looking for a little more detail here, thanks!
The whole point of having different guitars is that they sound different - you've just described the exact qualities that both those types of guitar are known for, they're pretty much polar opposites as far as sound goes. The effects don't create the sound, they're exactly what they say they are - effects. They alter and build on the base sound but they're not going to stop a Les Paul sounding like a Les Paul.

If you're asking for a way to make both guitars sound "the same" with your pedals then the answer is sell the Les Paul and buy another Strat
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I do the same thing in my BR 80. Some presets are going to sound better on one guitar than another. A couple solutions for you.
1. Make some presets just for the Les Paul use it to make them and make some that have that kind of tone.
2. Change the pickups on the Les Paul for something brighter.
3. Get a third guitar with a in between sound use that one to make your presets. ( a Gretsch or a tele with humbuckers or a Rick) Doesn't have to be expensive I have a Gretsch pro jet sounds good and use that.

I always have a picture in my head of a sound and often what is used to make it. I will try to replicate sounds from artists I like and think what did they use. Anyways good luck and have fun doing it.
The whole point of having a Les Paul and a Strat is they sound different. Besides the humbuckers vs. the single coils you have a bolt on neck vs. a set neck. It's great to have both sounds to choose from so why not just create different settings for the different guitars. I do this on a Digitech multi effects and have patches for a Strat, others for my Les Paul guitars, other patches for my electric/acoustics and very clean patches for my Ibanez Artist jazz style guitar. That's the beauty of a multi effects. (Now if I can just remember which patches go to which guitar.)
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