I've tried to find a solution for my problem for hours now, but I just can' find anything specific.

Here's the situation:
I have a 2002 Ibanez here, with two Seymour Duncan Humbuckers + Tremolo-Piezo in it. Unfortunately the wiring is completely ****ed up, so I'm trying to fix it.

My problem is, that i can't fully identify the correct color-codes of the wiring diagram (it seems, that Ibanez changed their color coding since then).

This is the wiring diagram I'm using: link

Neck PU, Ibanez V7:
Grey = ?
Red = ?
Black = ?
White = ? (probably hot/north start, respectively Seymour Duncan black?)
Bare (goes to ground)

Bridge PU, Ibanez V8:
Red = ?
White = ? (probably hot/north start, respectively Seymour Duncan black?)
Grey = ?
Bare (goes to ground)

Now, how do I get the Seymour Duncan PUs in there?
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I'm just not quite sure, which pickup-cable in the Ibanez wiring diagram corresponds to which Seymour Duncan cable.
I find a lot of inconsistent information on the internet about the Ibanez PU wiring. Some people say white is hot, some say red is hot. As far as I can tell, red should be hot.

There are some handy wiring charts, like this one: link.
Unfortunately, the Ibanez PU in this chart has different colors, than in the wiring diagram above.

I'm just a bit confused...
You don't need to know what the old wiring was to wire the Duncans in. It's irrelevant.

Take the ibanez pickups out, wire the new ones using the Duncan diagrams.
Ah, maybe I didn't describe it correctly: I don't have the original pickups. I got the guitar with the Seymour Duncan PUs already installed.
Unfortunately the electronics were completely useless and wrong connected (for example: the tone potentiometer wasn't soldered to anything else...). A lot of cables were missing, so I wasn't able to copy the current wiring-setup.
I wanted to redo the electronics, in the original way Ibanez intended.
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when in doubt this site is amazing here is seymour duncans. I'm kind of surprised how few people I talk to on here have multimeters.

on the last two ibanez rg350 I had (which I didn't care for I used to flip guitars) there was 3 wires coming out. The coiltap wires were fused together which was kind of annoying. But anyways this is the site to get color codes on.

this for example is seymour duncans

black - selector
red/white - coiltap / coilsplit , none of the above? solder together
green/bare - ground

any tips?
solder finish wires together or the pickup won't work and put electric tape or heat shrink tubing over the exposed wires that are not soldered.
^He doesn't have a new diagram to work with, and doesn't know how to translate the diagram he posted. He's trying to reverse-engineer the diagram he does have with the Duncan wiring colors.

So! Here it is.

Black - north start
Red -north finish
Gray - south start
White - south finish
Bare is ground.

But! There's no need for that, here's your wiring setup with Duncan codes. Just use this. We all assumed you had something like this from the start, which is why we were confused!

Only difference is that you go to the board instead of the output jack.