Hello everyone,
I am a bit preoccupied with my hearing as It is a bit difficult to see if I'm witnessing hearing loss. After someone left the maximum volume on a Line 6 Amplifier before I turned it on, I have experienced some hear pain for the last week.

So I decided to buy a pair of foam earplug, and Plugged right inside my ear by pulling my pinna.

However, do you think these constitute enough protection for my hearing? When I was playing I could feel a difference, that the sound appeared less loud that it actually was. However, am I still damaging my hearing without noticing? Last night I experienced that high pitched sound that slowly fade out (sorry for my bad english)

Any advices?
If they fit right those should do fine. I hope you have another ear for that 3rd one..

I always try to remember to turn the volume all the way down before powering an amp up, and that's the reason. Cart an amp to a gig, set up, knobs get bumped it's on 10...OUCH...Our sound man did that with the PA one night and didn't realize he forgot to check the main slider...Ever hear 3 Peavey CS 800 amps all full blast at once? (one each for bass, mids and treble)...through 3 sets of speakers that would be more than enough for a basketball court sized building...mains slider got bumped to max while setting up, he forgot to check it...oh yeah, 300 watt monitor system too....
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...

Thank Paleo, I was just worried cause these night I feel like my ears are strained as never before. I just wanted to be sure that these plug could protect me because I don't realise if I am unconciously affected anyway, if this makes sense.
Helping to put them in: reach over with your left hand and pull up on the top of the right ear. Use your right hand to put the earplug in. Try turning it a bit too. Do the opposite for the other ear.
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If you can get the solid foam earplugs, they offer the best protection. Right before I started gigging again a couple years ago I screwed up my ears at a makeshift shooting range...was deaf for about a month until at least most of my inner ear workings bounced back, etc etc. My tinnitus isn't as bad as others...it's more of a low volume noise than a ringing but I've used earplugs EVERY single time I jam with a loud amp or band ever since. I haven't noticed my hearing get worse and I'm checked annually at my job so that's good. Just keep wearing your plugs.