Hey all. I don't personally play bass, however, I'm looking for some online stuff or some books to give to the bassist in my band. I know that a teacher is the best option but the local teacher sucked and only showed him songs and stuff, not new techniques or theory. So I need some stuff to give him so he can keep learning. Theory especially, since that is what he struggles with most. Also, he is into metal so any stuff geared towards that would be nice.

I know I could just google stuff but I'd rather have it be actually good material instead of just whatever is the top searches on google. Thanks
Another site you can try is Music College TV. There is a series of 30 videos going from the very basics through advanced. I'm just starting so have only viewed the first 13.
Online guitar lessons are cheaper than taking them offline.
You can learn and practice at your own pace instead of having to wait until the next session.
The online lessons will be structured in a way to help you build a solid base where you can expand your bass playing skills much further than learning from random YouTube videos.
If you want to learn how to play this essential band-instrument, there are many resources online that offer many fantastic bass guitar resources on the Internet where bass guitar lessons for beginners will find every bit of conceivable information possible on how to get started with playing this instrument.
wherever you go for online learning, remember that your best bet in terms of getting better at your instrument is to play with other musicians. An ensemble is made up of more than one person. It's in the conversational aspect of music and music performance where you need to "discover" how to play music, and there is no ersatz for being in a live band playing situation. Recommend finding people in your community to jam with. Set up one night a week, or per month, where you get together and play music. Organize a list of songs that everyone will learn on their own. Come together, and discover how to make the music magic happen. This will take your musicianship skill to new heights. Happy jammin'!
hi i noticed you said books in your oppening,when I started on bass I started with a book that,s called ALL ABOUT BASS. it,s a HAL.LEONARD puplacation the teacher is CHAD JOHNSON. the book also comes with a C.D it,s really down to earth and easy to understand. It covers just about everthing you need and then some. plus you can learn at one,s own pace!