This is a blues/rock inspired by Jimi, Stevie, Page and a little Rory. Even though this is my first time writing lyrics please treat it as if it is not.

I met a Wicca girl chanting a spell.
Made a b line down to hell.
Killed her children; robbed the cartel.
Put a crack in the liberty bell.

(I know probably the worst lyrics ever but in order to get better I need to put them out there).
I'd like to see more to have a decent opinion of it as a whole, but what I'm reading here is quite interesting and captivating, perhaps I just like weird stuff... Might be so as well but I do like what you wrote so far. Something that personally doesn't work for me is the continuing rhyming, in the end the rhymes will end and I have barely ever heard a good song that rhymes in every sentence. Less is much. But as I said, some update on the lyrics, on how it would continue would be nice, then I'd be able to have a more throughout opinion about it, I might be very wrong about the rhyming part whence I see the rest/hear the result. ^^