East Siberian psychedelic blues rock one-man band.
Founded in 2014.
Everything is composed and performed by Stanislav ‘Brudywr’ Ambartsumov.

By the moment 2 LPs have been recorded and published digitally.

facebook link: Iltarusko on facebook

records are available on -
Iltarusko 'Through The Forest' on jamendo
Iltarusko 'Lyzardry' on jamendo
itunes: Iltarusko on iTunes
google play: Iltarusko on Google Play

Any feedback is welcome!
Currently listening to the first track, pretty fun stuff I'd say

Finnish band name too

Edit: Over halfway thru the album. Nice atmospheric songs. Out of curiosity, sounds like you're using pretty much the same guitar gear throughout? What guitar and amp?
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Thanks a lot for your feedback!

For recording that stuff I used Epiphone Dot with sh-55b/sh-2n, Line 6 studio pod's Deluxe amp sim model + screamer sim model.
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