Hey all I guess I'd offer this review and bit of gear purchase. So my band is working on recording in house and since I've seen a lot of DIY subkick videos and the benefits of having this mic I figure why not do one myself. So I have my first amp a Fender Frontman 15G from the 90's I got when I started 15W SS amp good for starting out. I figured perfect since 8" speakers give a nice depth in pickup when turned into a sub. So I decided I'd upgrade the speaker since the practice amp speaker upgrades became something speaker manufacturers noticed last year or so at NAMM. I went with the Warehouse 8" and WOW really breathed new life into that thing a much smoother tone not as bright and certainly a better built and better magnet on that thing. I'll have to post a sound clip or two but I was quite surprised at what it did tone wise for that little thing. So at $35 if anyone is thinking about making a subkick or wants to mess with a SS practice amp for cheap why not check it out.
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