I would have liked to have more reference to the Panties in this piece....?

Very Satch in this piece lots of left hand hammers and false harmonics... a couple of whammy dives using the left hand and it would be the whole package,

Great job
No whammy bar on the guitar. Song ended because it was enough (time to move on... getting bored). Band was MIDI, which is why drums may sound a bit machine-like (I actually picked this rhythm because it was a 12/8 beat, which is different for me, as opposed to the usual 4/4 stuff). Thanks for comments.
Just write an ending to it - you could use a generic fade out if you can't come up with anything else.

I liked it. I would pay attention to playing rhythmically accurately. It wasn't sloppy but it wasn't perfect. And IMO a groovy song like this should be played really tightly.

The drum machine sounds didn't bother me in the louder sections - it actually gave it a pretty cool vibe.
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