I have a UG account on my iphone. i bouth the tab pro and the other tools. i now have a computer. i log into UG on said computer and none of the tools are available. its saying i have to re-buy everything? what am i doing wrong?
Had the same thing over two weekends ago. I have purchases on the PC and on the IPhone. The IPhone purchases will not sync to the IPad. Another 40.00. I even sent a question in on how to get my purchases transferred for the phone to Pad, I haven't gotten a reply yet, it's been almost two weeks now.
Started using other sites, but they all seem to ignore subscribers.
I bought everything sold by Ultimate Guitar on the Google Play Store today.

I was having fun browsing tabs and exploring features, then I went to my PC to get the 'full experience'.

I realized fairly fast that my purchase was limited to Google Play / mobile setup. I understand that a paid application won't follow me from IOS to Google; but this? Google play to my web browser? It's the same account, you have my money. Very disappointing.

There should at least be clear language on the application and website articulating the issue.

The fact that this information is convoluted and hidden simply makes me glad my credit card was never (and will never) be entered into this site.

I will be leaving a review of this dubious business practice on Google Play shortly.
When i purchased tab pro on my iphone app it was a one time purchase. now i look it up on the pc and its a monthly payment? This shit is kind of rediculous. i figured some of the people that ran the site would be browsing this forum since its for new users. deffinately disappointed in with UG.
I bought full subscription to UG last year.
It was downloaded from ITUNES and I have still the original receipt...

So i tried to log in account on IPAD and suddenly was no longer recognized as an active user. Basically my lifetime subscription was deactivated.

So i contacted customer support telling them and they said:


To restore your subscription you should tap "Subscribe now" button in the a
pp's main menu. Then, tap the "Restore my subscription" button and enter th
e same Apple ID, that was used for purchase.

Please note that your Apple ID password is not the same as your email passw
ord. If you don't remember the password for your Apple ID, please use the F
orgot Password option, it'll become available after you enter the wrong pas
sword three times in a row.

If you still can't restore, please send us iTunes receipt of purchase.

Best regards,

Ultimate Guitar Team"

ME: Resent Email with Receipt of Purchase on 5/01 NO ANSWER
Resent Email with Receipt of Purchase on 10/02 NO ANSWER
Resent Email with Receipt of Purchase on 13/02 NO ANSWER

Should we report this to scam-watch?
ITs a scam to take 21.99 € from a loyal customer and hope to get away with it....