this is from a blog I just posted, figured I'd post it here too as it's quite interesting.

When I used to flip guitars I saw it all. This was something hilarious I saw a lot on ebay and probably will for a while. Rest assured these are licensed floyd roses so that being said it's not like you just wasted over 100+ dollars.

they look good on the outside to a beginner or guy with only a few guitars
they do everything the other licensed floyd roses say
they even say licensed floyd rose in the appropriate spot.. wow..
some even say Ibanez on them (I know how dare they)

they are weightless
they don't stay in tune to save their lives
the base plate can be slightly different where it won't fit every routing
the block is not the right shape (....seriously)
the block you can use ibanez RG brass big blocks on too

here is some photos pulled off of google. When I used to sell after market parts I got 3-5 of these in tops and was so embarrassed by the quality I didn't want anything to do with them

how to spot them quickly
flip the guitar over
see the block
you're done ... wow .. no soldering at all , good job

I always joke and say the tremolos have teeth

what did we learn? we pay for what we get. 15-25$ (usd) for a floyd rose and locking nut we're totally going to get german floyd rose quality and be ready to tour tomorrow!
^ Lol
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oh god deveris guitars are increidlby awful. His posts saying he makes guitars as good as Japanese ESP custom shops and so forth is amazing. He actually talks to people on facebook too.