I recently purchased an Xotic SP Compressor. Very minimal yet extremely versatile. Love the thing.

However, I'm having some trouble getting it to interact with my other pedals properly. I have a FullTone OCD and a V1 RAT. No matter how I rearrange my pedals, I either lose all of my high-end, or if the comp is at the very front, (in my theory) the natural compression of the OCD and the RAT make the compressor's effect indistinguishable.

How would you guys arrange these pedals, if you were inclined to use all of them in conjunction? Should I even use all of these pedals together? If so, how should I adjust the levels on them? Or should I just go with the brute force method and buy more FX? Maybe a booster at the end of the chain?

Not sure where to go from here. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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there are no 'rules' per say so .

but for what purpose did you get the compressor? it would be fine into one OD, but it depends how you have it set.

i have an OCD, and i don't really like it much to be honest. it almost pushed to more of a distortion level of gain on the HP.

how are you using your OCD and Rat, also what settings are on them? what are you using first the OCD or the rat?
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You can use a Boss pedal as a buffer, it works when disengaged as well. If you have one, try it.
I'd put the comp first. The ODs may diminish the effect of the comp somewhat, but not completely. Unless you are really cranking the gain. And the comp will still shine with a clean sound.
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Guitar > Comp > OCD > RAT > Amp

IMO, The OCD works best as a heavy overdrive, and the RAT works best as a grungy distortion/fuzz. The RAT sounds best when some highs are cut, I think the same for the OCD.
i usually run my OD before my distortion pedals, that way i can boost the distortion pedal with the OD. i tend to run the OD more as a boost with just a tiny bit of dirt anyway and running that into a distortion or fuzz pedal gives me a lead tone i like.

some people don't like doing that, but i do.

in general you place compressor pedals after an effect if you want the compressor to be more potent. so if you want to 'hear' the compressor's effect then place it near the end of a signal chain. this is often used to even an effective out, like a swooshy sounding phaser that gets very loud on the 'high' end of the cycle.

compressors can also be used to limit a source before an effect as well, like if you want to keep a pedal from clipping out from the input signal then you can place a compressor before the effect.

i don't really use compressors as an 'effect', i tend to use them to manage signals and keep preamps from clipping out when recording, to even out effects.
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there are no 'rules' per say so .

but for what purpose did you get the compressor? it would be fine into one OD, but it depends how you have it set.

My main tonal style that I go for is an angular/bright/cold/sharp sounding post-punk type tone (think Gang of Four) with delay, reverb, chorus on top if/as I see fit. The attack is distinct and you feel like the notes are practically scratching at your brain. I bought the comp to bring out that sharpness in the clean, then boost it with the OCD. This I can achieve to my liking with what I have.

However, I'm currently playing in three bands, all of which have a drastically different sound from each other. This is another reason I employ the FX I currently have. I like experimenting with tone, so this isn't really issue until I get stumped with how to dial in certain frequencies. I'll describe what I'm going for for each band...

First up: noisy, reverb-laden, feedback heavy hardcore punk. You all probably know that this is easy enough to achieve, basically just turn everything to max and jack up the bottom-end (or EQ however you need), you're set.

Next up is a grungy, slightly heavy indie rock sound with a "rolling along" vibe (if that makes sense), for a band that I just recently started. Think Superchunk, Husker Du, Dinosaur Jr, Teenage Fanclub, etc. What I'm going for here is a warmer, fuzzy but not too fuzzy tone.

Check out this song for reference.

Like that with a bit more dirt, with high notes cutting through and retaining their clarity. The issue is that I'm playing bass, not guitar, for this project. The guitarist is using an Epi Dot Studio through a Vox AD100VT. I'm letting him use my pedalboard for FX, and I insist on him using a different amp, but he wants to stick with his. I don't know how well his amp takes outside FX, and this is where the high notes get drowned out during practice.

Lastly, looking how to achieve a tone somewhat similar to this band, which I would tweak further. I only have my Acoustic SS to work with for right now, which I love, but I think I'm gonna have to pick up a tube at some point to expand my palette.

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Guitar > Comp > OCD > RAT > Amp

This is my default set up, and it's been working out for me up to this point.

'93 Fender Duo Sonic Reissue

'84 ProCo Smallbox RAT->Fulltone OCD->Akai E2 Headrush->Acoustic Model 470/Acoustic 105 4x12