Hey UG! \m/

We are Crisis Averted, a 4 Piece Metal band from Ireland mainly inspired by 80`s thrash and heavy metal such as Megadeth, Exodus, Iron Maiden and Metallica among countless others. \m/ We are all fairly big metal advocates but we all have our favourite bands outside of the Metal realm too which adds an interesting dynamic to our playing and sound.

I for one am a massive RATM fan and being lead guitarist, draw influences from the likes of instrumental guys such as Jason Becker, Al Di Meola and Steve Vai to name three, meanwhile our bassist loves Biffy Clyro and RHCP, our drummer loves Aerosmith and Bon Jovi and our singer/rhythm guitarist loves Folk singers such as Bob Dylan, Woody Guthrie etc. Pretty random mix I know

Anyways, that`s enough of my crap talk... for now Like us here on our Facebook page, Crisis Averted >> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Crisis-Averted/415742898580556?fref=ts Oh, I forgot to say we are also currently working on some originals which we hope to release soon so stay tuned \m/