Hey, I've been trying to tab a song, it's a cover for I only have eyes for you by Flamingos. heres the link to the soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/wearesolidgold/tashaki-miyaki-i-only-have

i couldn't figure out the chords played in the intro and the during the rest of the song but I have this so far,it's the melody that is repeated throughout the song. i know it's wrong, but im sure it's a start. Could anybody help me figure it out?

OK, I checked the song out and basically it is following the same chords, etc. As this version is by the original FLAMINGOS .... The only change may be in the intro instead of using a G you could use an Em... To make it Bb Em D ... But to me it is the same tab.... Try it yourself and let me know ....ok...
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Thanks alot! I tried it out and the chords do indeed sound the same. The only part I'm stuck on now is the melody that plays, i don't think I'm getting it right but i know it's somewhere along those lines. What do you think?
Maybe on the b string it should be 15 instead of 12 and 13 for 10 so
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OK the way I hear it is like this..kind of simple in a way... the best way to describe it is to hold a regular F chord on the 8th fret and slowly pick the notes as shown and then slide down holding the same shape to the 6th fret....then slide back again to the 8th fret and keep doing that.. let me know if that is good for you...

E ------------8---------------------8--------------------6--------------------6---------
B ---------8----8---------------8------8---------------6----6--------------6-----6-----
G ------9----------9---------9------------9----------7---------7--------7------------7--
D -10--------------------10------------------------8------------------8------------------
A -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
E -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Glad to help... Now make a tab and submit it....

By the way, that little medley you were talking about if you notice it is based on the first two chords played as barre chords... The Bb and C chord... A lot of topi mess riffs and fills are based on the chords of the song... This was a perfect example....
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