holy shit, real screamo. you're a little less of an idiot than i thought you were before.

i haven't listened to this song in ages, thanks for the feels.

and although these threads have been done before, i'll make a contribution:

edit: sorry, you said melodic:

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Alright I got ya covered.

Daitro is really good, I'd say on the level of Raein in terms of chaoticness as well as melody.


Beau Navire are definitely more aggressive, but still have a good dose of melody.


Mesa Verde is probably my personal favorite screamo band. Extremely melodic and the vocals have a lot of impact on every word.


Shizune are a pretty new band. I really enjoy the vocals and musically it's got a bit of that "the wave" sound in some sections.


There's some more I could think of but those are some of my favorites. Hope you like 'em.
Orchid - Chaos Is Me
pg 99. Document #8
Funeral Diner - The Underdark
The Saddest Landscape - All Is Apologized For. All Is Forgiven.
Todos Caerán - After Dark
Saintly Rows - In a Year We Were Nothing
Shirokuma - Sun Won't Set
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