Hi guys,
I need a Volume Pedal which can also function as a Expression Pedal. Main use will be for volume swells or just to mute my guitar. Having rhythm-volume settings and solo-volume settings would be cool but nut really necessary for me. but I'd like to use it on my EHX Talking Machine as an expression pedal. And also: I'd prefer a passive pedal. What pedals are out there for me?
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Location: Germany, very close to Thomann, so I can try any pedal out there
Budget: Would like to keep it under 200 Euros

Thank you in advance!
I think you are barking up the wrong tree trying to get one pedal to do both. The Exp Pedal is a single TRS connection and a volume pedal is a TS in and TS out connection. Also the Exp Pedal uses a pot impedance that is similar to volume pedals frequently described as "active".
You need a clean boost for rhythm to solo tones, not a volume pedal. With a volume pedal, you can potentially accidentally cut your volume too much with the volume variable (0% to 100%) when coming down from a solo, making your rhythm softer than it should be. Rather, a 0% or 100% variable (for a clean boost, 0% is rhythm volume, 100% is solo volume, it is just off and on) allows you to switch between the two volume levels quickly, without accidental volume scoop when coming back down.

For swells, you are going to want an individual volume pedal.

For the EHX Talking Machine expression pedal: Just don't get the Moog EP-3. It works backwards. Other expression pedals should be fine, just make sure you do your research on what works and not.

There are some pedals that can be used as either a volume or an expression pedal, but I don't think you can use them as both (it would probably cut volume from the Talking Machine while also modulating it).
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^Derp! Should of figured somebody would have made a dual purpose pedal.

yeah, and it's about damn time. where were these things when i wanted one?
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Love the FV-500H. Easy to find, sturdy as hell, and you can get them cheap used. Only problem is that it's massive. Luckily I have a size 12 foot so it suits me perfectly.

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