Hi guys,
Can anyone help me and tell me what pedals are on this pedalboard?

These are two different boards?

On the bottom I see a micro pog, zvex fuzz factory, tc polytune mini, JAM pedals retrovibe, boss feedback/booster, mooer skyverb. Can't tell what the red, brown or far left two pedals are....
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Quote by strokes96
Hi guys,
Can anyone help me and tell me what pedals are on this pedalboard?

Mind if I ask why?

If you're hoping to recreate someone's sound, simply asking what pedals they have on their board may not be the answer. A standard "What Guitar/Amp/Pedals shall I buy?" thread (with all the recommended information) may be a better way for you to determine what you need to achieve the sound you're after.
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i think the far left pedal is the MXR micro amp
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^It is.

Also, for the first board: next to the tuner is either an EHX Worm or Pulsar (I think).
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google the name of ther guitarist and gear, there are a few sites that are pretty good.

but i don't see the point. the amp makes more of a difference 99% of the time than the pedals.
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