Hi, I am considering buying Aria II Pro YS-300 guitar, from 1979-1980 year.
I cannot find much stuff on the youtube, was wondering maybe here I would find someone who owns this guitar and could possibly share his personal opinion about this instrument. Would you say it is worth its price? Is it really high class instrument?


Warsaw, Poland
first what is the price, these matsumoku made guitars are all of a good quality well built and reliable.
i own one and it's a good guitar not as great as the YS 500 i also own that's an awesome guitar , but comparing those two is like comparing a squier with a custom shop fender .

if you can grab any matsumoku built guitar cheap get it, they will not let you down.
there is a video on youtube of a guy demoing one (sorry at work can't post link). you may wnat to check ebay completed listings to see what they are selling for. looks like a fairly decent guitar though.