What type of scales do lead guitar players use for bands like Kyuss, queens of the stone age, truckfighters, graveyard, witchcraft, the machine and stoned jesus use? Thank you.
Pentatonic minor, blues, dorian - pretty inside stuff usually. There is lots of outside to be found inside depending on the notes you stress and the intervals you use.

QotSA uses a "Lydian dominant #2" scale a fair bit iirc. That's Lydian with a raised second (that's actually a minor third from the root) and a minor seventh.
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It's not the scales, it's how you use them. A scale is not going to make you sound like somebody. You can do a lot with just one scale. A lot of rock solos are just minor pentatonic but still they sound pretty different.

There are just 12 different notes, but still a lot of very different sounding music. This may sound a bit like a cliche, but it's not about what notes you use, it's about how you use them.

^ And that sounds like basic minor pentatonic stuff (with a couple of added notes, but it's mostly just pentatonic like most rock solos are).

I would suggest training your ears. Learn songs by ear.
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