Hi, I know sounds crazy but here is my problem:

I recently buy a Orange Micro Terror head but don't have a Tab, so came to me the idea of connect the head directly to the speaker of my Spider IV. the idea is desconnect the head of the amplifier and put in the Micro Terror using a cable like this
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Is this possible and secure?
As long as your imps are matching, yeah it will work. Use the 1/4 male from the MT and connect the spade ends to the speaker. Make sure you disconnect the Spider's Amp connectors.

Do you know how to match imps? The MT has a 4 ohm minimum. Ideally, the Spider's speaker will be a 4 ohm speaker. If not, an 8 ohm+ speaker will work but it is not ideal.
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Ideally, the Spider's speaker will be a 4 ohm speaker.
They don't make any 2ohm guitar speaker really.

To be sure TS, simply take a multimeter, set it to resistance, and check the resistance between the two terminals of the speaker.
Average speaker impedance will be the closest power of 2 (so 2, 4, 8, 16...)
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If not, an 8 ohm+ speaker will work but it is not ideal.
It's not like it's not ideal TS, you'd just loose power.

Just about half of your power for every impedance doubling from 4.
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Not the closest, necessarily. Resistance is always less than impedance so it's the closest rounding UP.

And anyway, the Micro Terror has a SS power amp so it's just gotta be 4 or over. Therefore it's gonna work just fine. No need to measure shit.
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The MT is 4ohms minimun and the Spider have a Celestion speaker of 4 ohms, or at least that say in the label. I finally arrive home and I have to make the adapter with a jack, 1m of cable and the conectors to the speaker. Works fine, thanks all of you for your help