I'm trying to build speed and work on my alternate picking. I'm using a metronome and practicing slow, etc. Is there a correct way to position your left (fretting) hand on the guitar neck? I usually play with my thumb over the top of the neck, but I see a lot of fast guitar players with their thumb in the middle of the back of the guitar. The second way is uncomfortable for me, and I struggle, but maybe I just need to practice that way more. Is there an advantage to the thumb on the back of the neck technique? Does it matter, or should I just go with what feels right?
Thumb on the back of the neck basically - with practice - gives you more precision and practical dexterity for lead playing. But thumb-over-neck is still preferred for vibrato and bends even by most shredders to the best of my knowledge.
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Thanks for the reply. That's kind of what I figured. I will just have to keep practicing.
It also helps you make big stretches. (thumb on back of the neck)
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