after reading reviews and trying a different model at a guitar shop- i decided to order the Washburn WD10SCE from sweetwater, talking to them email, they suggested the mahogany series rather then rosewood for a better balance with my hearing problem- this was yesterday afternoon, they immediately did the inspection and set-up the guitar for me, it came today on fed-ex! 24 hours gotta be a record!, anyway- the guitar seems flawless, and i am looking for something wrong, i was looking for a guitar and even looked at the high-end brands i wont mention- the other ole dependable brand, which i still have, just didnt look and play as good (made in china) as my older models, so i choose the Washburn even having doubts, i think i made the right choice, the neck action is super, and to my ears- it sounds the best after trying many models for months, i detuned it right away and put it in its case, reason is, its really looks super new with the glue smell still in it, i got my yamaha here i can still play daily, should i leave this sit a couple more weeks and 'cure' before i really start using it? thx for any tips- oops, 1 more thing, i really think im gonna have to get a pick guard on it- ugh
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Cool, hope it's better than my WD7s, harsh sounding, uneven buzzing frets, nut action was insanely high before I filed the slots and I have the truss rod backed out as far as it goes and could still only get .08 of relief. After spending a couple days, I got the buzzing down but not completely gone and the action decent but it' still the worst sounding guitar I own. My Yamaha and seagull put it to shame and even my thin-line maple Ibanez sounds better. Personally I like the sound of rosewood better than mahogany, a little less bright. Maybe I just got a bad sample or maybe everyone has different tastes. Maybe the higher number(higher price) washburn models are better as they should be, but my experience with washburn isn't very good right now. They are nice looking guitars though. Sweetwater is great to deal with.
Don't know about curing the wood or anything but HN(W)GD! Nice to see some Washburns around here for a change!
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