I'm trying to submit a tab for the Scream Bloody Gore album by Death and it won't let me cause I can't fill out the song section.
What exactly did you try to put into the song section? I see that there are 4 parts to fill in...
Artist, song, type, part

In artist put DEATH
In type put BASS TAB
And finally in part select ALBUM

That should do it... Unless I misunderstood your question... If so be more specific and maybe I or someone else can help... Hope what I provided does the trick.... Let us know if it does...
I try my best ...LOL
I may not always be correct but I am always trying to be helpful and useful...
I am retired so I stay and look here a lot and see what I can do to try and make people's lives a little happier,..

By the way, I just approved it and it was accepted...
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I see you have a variety of taste in music.... good way to be instead of stuck in one type....i think it makes a person better for doing that.....