Hi there fellow modders. I recently got an Xotic RC booster. I really like the sound of it but to my ears the mids are getting scooped. The RC booster has an active bass knob and an active treble knob. I know that when you turn the knob clockwise on an active knob it boosts that certain frequency range and when turned counterclockwise it cuts that frequency range. I want to turn the active treble control into an active mid control. Is this even possible? and if so how do I do it?

Thanks for your help.
I haven't used the Xotic RC, but have some experience with active controls on guitars and amps.
In the case of active controls on guitars, the mid position (5) is about what you'd get with two such NON active controls set to 10. Therefore, when you dial the ACTIVE controls to 10, you're leaving the mids where they normally live, at the equivalent of 5. That's about the same as scooping the mids. This depends, of course, on a lot of factors regarding the controls on the Xotic, and these are the results I get on my active-control guitars (not on the pedal).

Try putting both controls back down to 5 to relieve the mid-scooping effect.

Worth a side note: I have a Chandeler Tone-X on a couple of my guitars. This is an active sweepable (in regards to frequency) mids *boost* of a fixed 16 dB. Think of it as a parked wah.
Yeah ok. But I want my rc booster's active treble control turned into an active mid control.
Thanks for the advice though.
what dspellman said. or even put the treble and bass controls below the halfway point to (in effect- relative to everything else) pull up the mids. and then turn your volume up to compensate.
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