Hey guys!

First of all, i wasn't sure where to post this, the lyrics subforum seems to be the obvious choice first, but well it's for self made songwriting/lyrics so i thought it would fit in here better. Mods, feel free to relocate the thread if it fits in better elsewhere.

Field Report is a Indie Folk (?) band from Wisconsin, center around Chris Porterfield - you may know him from his ties to Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), he was part of DeYarmond Edison for example.
Totally fell in love with their selftitled debut album, made some tabs for UG also... and well, i think they should make Mumford money lol. Anyways, i was counting the days to the sophomore album release in the winter (Field Report - Marigolden). It did not disappoint, but i am still counting... the days until i somehow get the lyrics from the interwebz so that i can fully enjoy playing some songs and make some tabs for UG also. But nothing happens lol, what is wrong with the internet?

As you can see, my english is not the best, it's neither my mother- nor my second language, so i have problems here and there to understand the songs.
I'm not here to complain hehe, just hoping to find a fellow fan of the band who is willing to support me to get the lyrics right. I've started with "Ambrosia", quite a powerfull song. Some help would be much appreciated! I'd be interested in making tabs for more songs, "Decision Day" for example, but let's start with this one.

Here is a rough version, please don't laugh lol...

Field Report - Ambrosia

Looking for the win win
all this wishfull drinking
got me thinking that [all the praying word ??? ???]
And the [fat] Ambrosia [by the dusk]
but they hold me to [what i said was]
years or hours ago i can't be [trusted over from]

I keep spinning my wheels
I keep spinning my wheels
Nothing's gonna change
Nothing's gonna change

I keep dreaming 'bout the sherriff's kid
who i used to [chew] school with
He was cruel to the other kids just for fun
always [sucked up] but later on
but i never got the [stones] to [tell him off]
he died alone years ago
on a golf course with a gun

I'm here, spinning my wheels
I'm here, spinning my wheels
Maybe somethings's gonna change
Maybe nothing's gonna change

Time [was i could] stand up straight
but i lost my balance with the balast weight
Cast over the ["gun-off"] overboard
Now got nothing left to push up against
but this imgainary resonance
starring at the spot on the opposite shore

and that old familiar [well] throat burn
of a drunk who really got [hurt/her?]
don't worry babym we got the past on the run
and despite our sins, we would not sink
we would [buoyed] by your [brackish] grace
in our mouths, like an ocean drink, we [sub-???] in the sun

and the [grand??? ???] car alarms
keep [them know] the neighbours [warmed/warned?] in lover's [arms/armed]
I do believe we're going down

I keep spinning my wheels
I keep spinning my wheels
Maybe nothing's gonna change
Maybe somethings's gonna change
Maybe nothing's gonna change
First off your english is very good in my opinion... And I believe you did a great job with the lyrics...

I speak english and live in the USA and believe me sometimes with the slang words and the singers singing like they got a mouth full of crap even I have a hard time figuring out the words.... Here is the way I hear a lot of the verses that you questioned... If I did not change one it is because what you have is correct in my opinion... So just start at the beginning of the song and here is where I would make the changes... But there are still a few that I am not quite sure of ok.... Again, great job...

Got me thinking that I ought to pray and wear this cross
And be fed ambrosia by the doves
Trusted only FROM ( I am not sure of the word from)
Chew *Skoal with
Always sought him out later on
Gunnels overboard
Got hurt
We saw shown in the sun
And the grackles learn the car alarms
Keeping all the neighbors warned and lovers armed

*SKOAL is the name of a chewing tobacco
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Don, awesome! Now it starts to make sense hehe, the birds imitating the noise of car alarms etc., this is my favourite part of the song, intensity stacks and stacks, climaxes and then leaves you with the "I do believe we're going down". Brackles, gunnels, that's really the stuff where i lack the avanced vocabulary to get it right.
So, yeah, gave it another listen and i am pretty sure that you nailed it perfectly, still i see why you are unsure about the "from"part. But it's super precise already so i can start working on the tab - basically, the main motives should be C-D-G and Em-C... G-D-C, but i will try to work something out to emualte some of the piano transitions, got something for the "G" already. Kinda fun to be able to contribute something this time, don't have the opportunity to do that often cause, well, i just can create "basic versons". But thanks for the offer and for the effort, man, great!
Can i give you a mail when i try to get "Decision Day" or "Pale Rider" right also and you give it a read?
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Ugh, yeah lol... i had it done here just wanted to get the lyrics right, but i know you had good intentions and i now feel quite "bourgeois" for being a bit grumpy the first seconds after i saw that you made the tab yourself haha, so don't you worry man, thanks again.
Don = Lyric & Tab MACHINE!!!

Thanks for everything, mate, glad i could interest someone in this great great band!