I'm not fairly sure that I can give a proper "review" of the track since I mostly listen to metal and rock with a small exception of VNV Nation. But these are my thoughts;

At the beginning I thought it sounded as if it were the soundtrack that would pop up in some old scary movie such as Evil Dead, Brain Dead or perhaps City of the living Dead(which I for the record adore). Then it changed and even though the elements are still there, it's very nice with the different melodies going on and I do think it's a rather good song over all, the continuous sound in the background probably is what makes me like it most. Perhaps that some would consider it to be too many different things/melodies going on, but I'm not sure myself since I like the changes. The high drums are perhaps the thing that ain't working that well for me, but it would be empty without them I believe.

Okay. I'm not even sure what I wrote. Anyway. I like it! Good job. :3 Hope this was to some satisfaction. xD
Hey Huuto,

Thank you for taking time and listening to it, and also giving me some feedback. I truly appreciate when anyone listens to my music and comments on it, thank you!

Btw you have a great taste in movies!
You're very welcome! And thank you. I am truly weak for the older horror movies. XD
Impressed by the quality of this production, nice and warm, sounds like it would be excellent for a movie soundtrack.

The piece flows well, the drums are lovely and punchy and cut through the mix well.

Can't find anything wrong with this, its well composed and produced. If I really had to nit-pick I would say put a bit more swing on the drums or to vary the beat slightly, but that is quite nit-picky.

Overall it's excellent. Good job and keep em coming!

If you fancy C4C'n back here's the link: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1671469
As I listen:

Really liking the melodies fading in around :30.

I like the way the beat gets added at 1:00 without the kick; it makes it feel energetic, but without stopping the build-up.

Very lush sound around 1:50, you've got a very full arrangement going on.

Overall, I really like this; it's catchy, and melodic. Reminds me of Emancipator, or Ronald Jenkees.

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Thanks guys. You made my day ! I went to your threads and gave you your well deserved feedback. Cheers!