Hey guys, if you've got the time I'd love to hear your opinions on the first full album my band completed. You can download it for free at this bandcamp link:


and our facebook link is:


We're currently working on our second album. I'd love to hear any opinions about anything. Songwriting? Sounds/Tones? Is it not extreme enough, too extreme, boring??? We did put a lot of effort in these songs and have always gotten great reactions when playing live. The whole album has a specific build do it, the first half is more traditional and classic sounding, the second half gets somewhat epic. Any and all opinions are welcome and will be taken. We try to build the best records we can. Thanks!
Pretty good. Enjoyed listening.

Sorry for the short feedback but I gotta do something right now.
The drumming was really nice. Everything sounded very very tight. Great production!
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