So, I got myself a new guitar at Christmas, it's my third guitar but first with a tremolo bridge (Ibanez SA360QM if it's of any use). Anyway, just last night I was cleaning + restringing, but once I had replaced all of the strings, I realised that the bridge had a severe angle to it. Obviously this isn't normal as the bridge is supposed to be flat against the body, but it was in a position as if I was holding down the tremolo bar, but it actually had no pressure applied to it.
The new strings are a higher gauge than the ones that came on the guitar originally, and I'm assuming this is the source of the issue. I have taken off the back plate and tightened the claw screws as much as I physically can, and i think it has reduced the severity of the angling, but still it is causing an issue. I was wondering if there was anything else I could try?
Thanks guys
There's more tension on the trem from the higher gauge strings. If tightening the springs all the way didn't help add more springs or get ones with more resistance.
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Yeah, thought so! Ok, thanks! I'll try get the springs replaced and post update when it's sorted