Can anybody tell me the meter readings for the stock electronics for an rg220b? Not getting any sound out. Already checked the output jack. I suspect the volume pot is bad, but I need to check check all of them to see if the guitar is salvageable.
You need to check for continuity, not readings. Zero output is a binary problem. Find where the continuity stops and that's the issue.

If you suspect the volume pot is bad you should just put the meter on the volume pot.

To check the pickups you just look for resistance in the normal range, if they're dead you'll get either 0 or infinite resistance.

The exact stock values aren't important. You need to check each connection from one end to the other. When you find a place where there is no continuity, fix the solder joint and try again. If a pot is passing no signal it should be replaced.
look for cold solders and faulty connections first and double check nothing is touching the walls of the guitar.

*500k pots if there is a HSH, HSS or HH configuration
*A500k (traditionally) on volumes, but B500k across the board is how I wire my guitars for a smoother 10-1 so I don't get ultra dark beyond 6 or 7 . B500k is for your tone. The higher valued resistance for the tone the less sensitive it is.

capacitors and wire size/material is subjective , even speaker wire and 0.1uf capacitors work its all about fine tuning the guitar.

set the multimeter to 2000k in ohms.
start by putting each probe on the outside two contacts hot lead and ground, you'll get your first reading.

next put the volume at 100% and touch the middle and right contact and you'll get your next reading. So say if the volume is at 70% you'll get 70-ish percent of your potentiometers value. And then put the pot to 0% and then move the outer probe to the other contact.
Thanks for getting back so quickly. Another question is there a trick to getting the volume knob off? I looked for a set screw (none there) & it won't pull off.
Some are just really tight, I've had to pry them off at times. Get something to protect the guitar body and pry it off with a screwdriver or brake tool. (looks like a screwdriver but curved on both ends)
Hmmm...I wonder what this button does...
There is a tool stewmac has for guitar builders / repair people to use.

assuming there is no screw / allen key hole where you loosen my tip is to use a piece of thick wire. I'm not sure what AWG I use as that is seriously the only thing I use for that partcular wire. But the idea is simple; you wrap it around the shaft of the pot that sticks out from the outside of the guitar body. once it's fully around pull up on the wire if it's stubborn and it will come off.

if its a cheap plastic knob i would put some shop clothes or whatever on the surface of the guitar and pry it up with a flat screw driver. But this isn't a professional way of doing so.