I'm seeking a 25.5" scale finished neck (frets installed) with 21 frets.
I don't have a strict need for looks, radius or profile but I definitely need it to fit in a Fender-style neck pocket.

I spent some time on ebay - saw a ton of interesting necks from vendors that I didn't recognize. Did anyone ever try any of those or is it a crap-shoot?
allparts has some. I have a vague recollection of reading that they were MIJ, but I could well be wrong on that (I haven't tried them).

Musikraft (haven't tried those either).

USA custom guitars as well (haven't tried those either).

Helpful as usual I think those are the ones I've heard which have a good rep, though. There are probably loads of others, too.
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I don't think we can give you a rundown of every vendor on ebay. There are plenty of really good neck makers beyond MM and Warmoth. USACG, WD, Musikraft, etc etc etc. There are established names where you can expect some level of quality. Obviously you'll pay a bit more than on that random eBay ad that just says "21 fret strat neck maple" but that's the whole point - you know what you're getting.

Anything more specific will require research on your part or telling us which vendor you're considering.
avoid the really cheap ebay necks and the clearance blowout on guitar fetish. The fret work isn't as good as say a warmoth neck for ebay necks (30-70 usd) , the guitar fetish ones I ended up polishing the frets and really going the extra mile.

I remember Warmoth had a pure ebony neck (nut , fretboard , neck) and it was about 700-800 dollars plus shipping.