In about 2010 I bought an Ibanez RG420. I played it daily until I lost interest a bit and it sat in it's case for a while before a sibling commandeered it (I have other guitars that I have preferred to play recently). I've recently re-acquired it off of said sibling and I need to re-string it and set everything up to my preference.

This is a simple task that I (weirdly) enjoy doing, BUT, one of the bolts on the locking nut is completed rounded off. I've tried numerous different sizes of key and screwdriver head, and even resorted to clamping and trying to get it off with pliers, with no success.

Google's thrown little info my way on this, I'm aware of techniques to remove stripped screws and bolts from walls and cars... but lets be honest, I'm not going to drill out this particular one, for obvious reasons...

I have spare bolts so I'm not bothered if the bolt gets destroyed in the process, I just don't want to damage the plate or the neck.


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If you're willing to sacrifice an allen wrench (and buy a new one), put some superglue into the rounded out hole and put the allen wrench inside. Let it set and then try undoing it.

Obviously be careful not to use too much glue.
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I personally haven't had good luck with superglue sticking metal to metal and holding any kind of load. Couldn't hurt to try though.

I would additionally recommend you get some sort of solvent or penetrating oil like WD-40 and try and get that into the threads if you can to help along any other tricks like the above by reducing the amount of torque you have to put into breaking it free. If it's being that problematic, my suspicion is that it's frozen in there, possibly with rust. If the problem is that it got crossthreaded, oil won't help, but it won't hurt to have tried in case it's a rust issue. Once you've let it soak for a little bit, I'd do the above or get a good sturdy set of pliers and try again.
A new locking nut will run $25-30 (or significantly less if you aren't buying one from Floyd Rose branding).

Be careful with the solvents; they can affect your finish. It might be worth removing the locking nut from the guitar, fixing the problem, and then re-installing it on the guitar.
^ very good point. I'm usually extremely careful with anything like that around a finish (since most of mine are nitro) and it didn't even occur to me to mention it.