Hello People!

I just signed up and heard of UG for the first time, this is my first post here and need to find out some things about Tabs.

In order for a person to get a tab for free, do we have to upload one as well?

The other questions are:

I have Guitar Pro 6, do I need to buy Tab Pro in order to get to see the full version of a tab?

Do we pay for tabs or are they for free?

Right now all I get is the 'demo' and the song plays using Tab Pro, I am not sure if I have to start Guitar Pro 6 then let the song play?

Any help is appreciated to get started and thank you in advance!
You don't need the Tab Pro tabs. Just download the Guitar Pro tabs and they'll all work on Guitar Pro 6. The Tab Pro tabs are the same tabs as the Guitar Pro ones.
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The problem is, UG has been "removing" a lot of Guitar Tab files lately...supposedly, "by the request of the owner". There are a lot on here that I used to be able to find.

Guitar Pro is definitely better.