Hey yall this is my first time on this site, so i dont really know how to do this but i can use a little bit of criticism from all of you guys. i have been playing guitar for about 7 years, and really its just 5 because the first two were just me dicking around , i preform often and just finished a gig tonight. But today i feel like i am having one of those days where i feel like i absolutely suck . But you guys probably know how it is when you play live and how it can make you feel like garbage somedays and like the king of the world on other ones. so i just want some people to listen to a couple of people to rate my playing as a guitarist on a scale of 1 to 10 on some video i have been put on lol. Im the One playing the red strat on both of these videos!! :3


It's pretty good I don't know why you think, you suck... Maybe you're just being self conscious?
Yeah you suck...I mean you suck...it sucks so bad I wouldn't let your DOG play my guitar...

OK that what you want to hear? hehe..

OK I'm just kidding, I only listened about halfway through the second one, wasn't impressed with the female singer, but enough to hear you play.

1st link...excellent rhythm playing, and that's the key to being as good lead guitar player. Know the chord progressions so you know where it's going before you get there. Very good lead, I couldn't tell what amp you're using but you have guitar and amp set for a very good sound for blues.

2nd link - basically the same, good lead, good sounding rig, nice guitar playing. I don't want to try and rate it on any scale, just good guitar playing, you have nothing to worry about. keep it up.

That said, move around a little, show people you're enjoying it. Rock out a little now and then.
You certainly are an average rock and blues guitarist. I also refuse to rate you on a numerical scale, such a thing would be completely meaningless.
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alright thanks yall, idk why i was feeling so shitty that day and idk what i was thinking of when i said to rate my playing or whatever lol. i appreciate the criticing (if that is a word lol).