Hi! I have a 2011 satin white LPJ, single P90 pickup guitar and I love it. Anyone here own one? your thoughts? Love mine, it sounds sweet, great tone too.
That's nice. Its more amusing to tell you what you need though, not what you have, unless you have something special. "NGD"'s don't work so well without pics either. But you probably need a new amp, whats your budget and preferred sorta tone?
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The LP Jr is my favourite style of guitar - I don't go in for fancy timbers and bling - and P90s are overall my favourite pickups. However, because I use the neck pickup almost exclusively, I went for an LP Special. Mine is a '95, the only non-cheap electric I own, and it has P100s. These weren't popular pickups, but I think they sound excellent through the right amp. The only downside is that mine is very heavy.
I picked up a LPJ a couple of years ago as a swap for a beat up old dinky. It was horrible, looked like something I made from some old furniture I found in my shed, P90's kinda suck and the intonation was all over the place with that horrible single tailpiece...3 days I had it and it was gone... Wish I still had my 76 LP custom though...that was a babe.
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Worth noting that the "LPJ" designates a completely different Gibson guitar from the LP Junior.

Gibson has discontinued the LPJ in its current lineup, but the Junior lives on.

The Junior was designed to be a cheap student guitar.

I have an Agile AD-2300, which is a clone of the DC Special (two pickups) with a pair of P90's.

It's actually sorta nice, with a solid mahogany body/neck, 14" radius fretboard, jumbo frets, real MOP trap inlays, a bound neck and a $180 set of Mike Reilander's hand-wound Alnico II P90's. Picked it up, used, for $130. Those pickups kill.
^^^^^As I've mentioned often enough before, I see the electric guitar as just a fancy lump of wood that holds the pickups, so I'm very much in favour of finding a good cheapo and modding it. I also like P90s, and don't go for fancy of any kind in electrics, so your Agile would qualify very well. I really bought the Gibson as a retirement (which I didn't as it turns out) present for myself, because it has mojo. I've often wondered how many folks actually buy on mojo, bragging rights or the like, then try and justify it to themselves and others on performance.
I don't know about mojo, but I have always thought that in my "toolbox", I needed to have a hammer and a screwdriver. By that I mean a Les Paul and a Strat. It was worth it to me to find out for myself what I would do given the same tools that wrote the classic generation of rock music (Yes, I know there's other ones, but to me those two were more prevalent and most iconic). Not because of carrying premade mojo (which, to me karmically would belong to someone else) but more as a self discovery thing.

What I've found is that in a pinch a hammer will do what a screwdriver deos and vice versal, but the results are often messy and ineffective As it turns out I don't tend to use the screwdriver (strat) very much. But it was worth it to know or when I really want to nail that sound and nothing else'll do for me.

P-90's are my favorite sounding pickup across the board, aside from the hum. Mini HB's give me some of that range without the hum.
I have a pretty old one and it is definitely designed as a low cost student guitar. The fretboard is really wide and flat and doesn't feel great in my hands but the guitar definitely has attitude if you play it loud and proud. It is amazing how much tonal ground you can cover with one pickup if you really explore it.

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P-90's are my favorite sounding pickup across the board, aside from the hum. Mini HB's give me some of that range without the hum.

If you get a chance to hear a set of Kinman Noiseless P90's, do so. They're the closest to the real thing (an original '50's P90) I've heard that are noiseless. A bit spendy, but there you are.
Quote by Hydra26

P-90's are my favorite sounding pickup across the board, aside from the hum. Mini HB's give me some of that range without the hum.

My experience with miniHBs is limited to the RevTrons in my Reverend 15th Anniversary Flatroc, but I have to agree- very P90ish element to their tone.
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