Fellow guitar and bass players out there, could I ask you to complete a short survey I have created for my degree dissertation? It is regarding the design of a guitar/bass exciter system which is basically a system which causes the strap to vibrate. The system will be fed via an in ear monitor receiver. This will provide the possibility to eliminate live backlines on stage, and also improve in ear realism. This will finally allow front of house engineers to achieve better mixes but also allow musicians to improve their stage experience.

Thanks in advance and ask for a beer if we cross paths!!

Done. Now where's that beer? I'm dying for a drink.
I have nothing important to say
That's the a legitimately stupid idea. Vibrators are not for shoulders.
There's no such thing; there never was. Where I am going you cannot follow me now.
Quote by theogonia777
That's the a legitimately stupid idea. Vibrators are not for shoulders.

I don't know, man, I get pretty stiff shoulders at times.

For realsies, it's a dumb idea. I can understand the point of a buttkicker for the drummer or like a big floor pad for the bass player to SOME extend (if you have way too much money and don't feel like burning it). But how is vibrating the strap supposed to give you that low-end oomph in your stomach that you get from a bass amp?
Interesting and cool idea. Not practical whatsoever. No one will ever say "I dont want my back line because i have my strap that vibrates." No one will ever want to play on an empty stage.