I was wondering what are the diferent ways you know for increasing speed?

The ones I know
-Start slow and gradually increase the tempo
-Speed Burst at a faster tempo stopping for a beat or 2 to let your hand relax.

What are the advantages of each method?

starting slow and gradually increasing the tempo is generally regarded as the best method as you'll build up control and cleanliness as well as speed
Both have advantages. You can sometimes make enormous improvements in speed by striving to achieve something much faster than you can currently do.

You do need to be careful with this though, as you should also be striving to refine your technique so that it's very economical. Nobody should be gritting their teeth with effort in order to reach higher tempos.
Look, I'll tell you from experience, and it is very important to take this seriously, because it will save you so much time. I learnt to play with bad technique. I reached some nice speed, but I haven't really felt comfortable with playing, because of my bad right hand technique. As you play at slow speed, observe your hands VERY CLOSELY, and make sure you are doing small movements from the wrist, and even pick attack, and that your wrist is going down-up. So practice time must be FOCUSED, with close observation of what your hands are doing. Look at Andy James's right hand as he plays fast picking passages. That's the most economical way to do it. Don't try to push yourself to often. If you notice that your picking hand movement is inefficient, SLOW DOWN, and play at certain speed AS LONG AS YOU FEEL YOU SHOULD. Don't rush it, there's no point, because by rushing it, you'll go into bad playing habits. Also, make sure that your fretting hand (fingers) is moving as little as possible. That's it. There's just no shortcut. Be patient, it will pay off, trust me.
Here's a method I have had some success with.

Whatever you are trying to increase your speed on (a lick, a scale run, etc.)...

1) Start slowly at half your top speed. If you can play the pattern correctly at 100 bpm, start at 50 bpm.

2) Practice the pattern the first day with a metronome at 50 bpm until you get tired or lose focus. This could be 5 - 10 minutes.

3) The next day increase the speed by 2 bpm to 57.

4) Keep increasing the bpm by 2 per day until your form begins to deteriorate. Be aware of when you start to lose it and go to step 5.

5) The next day drop the bpm by 10 and start climbing again.

6) Keep repeating this process until you reach your target speed.

7) Have patience and keep at it. Proficiency at one pattern does not mean proficiency at all patterns so you will have to use this method to increase your speed on different patterns you want to use. It therefore makes sense to have a limited number of shed runs you use.
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I haven't developed speed yet, but as far as I know there are some important points:
Playing slow enough to commit no mistakes and after some time gradually increase the tempo.
Avoid feeling tension in any part of your body.
Economy of motion and force, that is, separate as less as possible your fingers from the strings when you're not pressing them, do the smallest possible movements of your picking hand wrist, and don't use more force than what you need when playing.

Also there's a concept that I recently saw from Tom Hess, that is practising left and right hand separately when developing speed, but I don't know where I could find more information about this. Sound interesting.
Hate to be the bringer of bad news but Hess is a hack and his "lessons" are a complete waste of money. Just take it as a lesson learned and don't waste any more money on his crap.
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Practice efficiently, learn to play guitar...not speed some scales like 90% of new players want to do
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Hate to be the bringer of bad news but Hess is a hack and his "lessons" are a complete waste of money. Just take it as a lesson learned and don't waste any more money on his crap.

This sounds kind of like it could just be sour grapes or whatever, which it's not, so I'm just going to back this up that Hess is a total snake oil salesman.
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