Iv'e got a very dark (mahogany bodied) sounding guitar. Its darker than your average Les Paul. I purchased it with some Dimarzio single coil pickup in the neck (could be a virtual blues, I don't know) and an unpotted Gibson PAF in the bridge. (bought it used)
I decided to change out the pickups, as they didn't fit the look of the guitar, and I was having issues with all that feedback.

Now, here's a suggestion for all of you who have an HS config, play metal, and are looking for a nice pickup solution. I put Seymour Duncan neck model Hot Rails in..well... the neck. I put a DiMarzio x2n in the bridge. My guitar came stock with a dpdt switch between the volume and tone pots, so I wired that to split the SD, and I put a push pull pot in the volume position, to split the DiMarzio. The Duncan sounds like you'd expect it as a humbucker, great for blues, and when split, sounds stratty to my ears. The DiMarzio is an absolute gain monster, and when played through a clean amp, you still get some nice crunch. When coil tapped, it sounds just like the bridge position on a Strat.

Try it out.
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Good idea, I did a similar thing on a very dark-sounding HH guitar. I installed SD Jazz (SH-2) with single/series/parallel switching on both of them. In this case, parallel and single sound very similar, so either would have done. However, parallel needs a 3pdt switch, so can't be done on a p/p pot.