No one knows me. At all.
I first came here when I was only 6
with my mum, back when a sense of family still existed
back when I wanted to live in America, instead.
I was the successor of something that was still an unknown.
I was retarded back then. I was happy back then.
I used to look up to my father, until he left us when I was 10.
By the age of 12, I was the man of the house - and saw it all.
By the age of 17, I saw even more; the being that brought us here
wanted to bring my family to extinction. Now I know that there’s a God
watching us; because a 17 year old could never do that alone.
I never speak about this to anyone, not even to my family.
Now I write this with the blood of all my would-be graves
as if the stains were ever illegible to any eyes apart from my own.
All I want in life is to take care of my mum, the way she deserves -
we have had our differences but she’s the only constant I have left.
She grew up in a broken family; her own mother tried to sacrifice her,
several times. My grandmother was incarnated by the water [It’s a wonder why God even cares about us].
My grandmother died when I was 2 years old; a year after she tried mutilating me. I became born again when I was 14 - 2 months before my brothers death - the last time I saw him was when I was 5. His name was Mulbery he had a twin sister named Beverly.
Am I losing my mind? To betray my protector just to flirt with the
I don’t know. I am too deep for any questions. Babe - you are a “dead man walking”
- I am too poor to protect any part of you. How can you say you “love me”
with a straight face? I only ever text, I never call; I am too scared that I'll find myself exorcised
against my will. It’s 4AM in London and I am surprised that I am still alive.
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