Im looking to get into a wireless pack for my guitar without spending more than about 300. Anything cheaper would be sweet to though! anyone have any suggestions? I have been looking into the line 6 Relay G30 but have never tried it or any wireless system for that matter
I have the Sony dwz wireless guitar setup. It works really well. I can play anywhere in my house and it picks it up. It also allows you to adjust how bright you want the signal to reflect cable. The guitar pack is metal and well constructed. The base is ok but it doesn't need to be indestructible.
Line 6 makes the best sub $500 wireless systems you can get. try to get the G50 only because they are metal and not plastic like the G30
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If you spend a bit more and pick up the G50, you're unlikely to need another wireless.

The G30 is very good, and I really can't think of anything better in that price range.
I've had the G30 for over a year now. Never had a problem with it. Range hasn't been a problem....it's as clear as can be. Never even worried about the fact it's plastic either. Just get a neotech pouch for your strap and you'll be set for just over $300.
AKG WMS40 mini. Save yourself some bucks...great unit. No drop out, same tone as with lead in my experience, metal base unit, works at over 50 meters that I've tried with no issues. Cheap enough to buy again if it gets robbed. What more could you want?
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I believe I have the G30. Its a lot of fun and works really well, especially for live. But there is some definite tone sucking going on there. I noticed a degradation when switching back and fourth between the unit and cables. It probably wouldnt be noticed at a loud volume to a crowd though. Never used the g50.
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