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Scream Bloody Gore
3 25%
1 8%
Spiritual Healing
0 0%
1 8%
Individual Thought Patterns
2 17%
2 17%
Sound of Perseverance
3 25%
Voters: 12.
I choose Scream Bloody Gore as my personal favorite and consider it "classic". It's creative, unique and innovative Schuldiner ever did. To me, it's the best death metal album ever recorded.

Note: No trolling or flaming like some users did in Death/Scream Bloody Gore thread!
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Sound of Perseverance to me. I have only been listening to them for a couple weeks though. My preference will probably change. It's like how my favourite Metallica album went from Black Album to Ride The Lightning. Listened to all the stuff extensively, focusing on technicalities and stuff.

Death is one of those rare bands where listening to their music makes it get better every time.
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Scream Bloody Gore and Symbolic. Both amazing albums.

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I think SBG is boring and although I like their later stuff, I prefer Leprosy for just being an ultra solid album
Human, of course
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